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__black body ()


__etudes autrales


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__portrait memory

___seeing a rainbow
     (through a window that isn't there)

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__burn our wings


__a vale of desolation


__what is behind that curtain








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‘to take leave’, duoshow with Bram De Jonge

DMW - artspace; Antwerp, 2018

‘Hits of Sunshine’,

Gallery Botanique; Brussels, 2017

Fabulous Failures’, curated by Erik Kessels, Musée Botanique, Brussels

'what is behind that curtain'
soloshow ccMerksem, 2017

FOMU / Fotomuseum Antwerp, 10-11.2016

'temp.' with 'black body ()'
Tique l art space, Antwerp, 09-10.2016

'The Gods Must Be Crazy - Part Photography'

cc Zwaneberg, 02.2016

left: Katrin Kamrau  front: Dries Segers, 'Seeing a rainbow' (Tatami III)

back: Emmeline de Mooij

 'a vale of desolation, thunderplate 1', Antwerp Art Weekend, 2016,

0,2mm copper, wood 60x100cm

'The Gods Must Be Crazy - Part Photography'

De Directeurswoning, Roeslare, 2015

left: Ria Pacquée, Pleroma / right: Dries Segers, undecided photographs 07, 09, 08

'building human sculptures (kelvin)', 2015, Q46 l artspace

'Land Scape 1' Residency De Warande, 2013-2014

'The Nature of Rendition' Residency De Warande, 2013-2014

 'Seeing a rainbow' Gouvernement, Gent, 2015