__143 folds


__never, nowhere


__hits of sunshine


__black body ()


__etudes autrales


__undecided photographs






__portrait memory

___seeing a rainbow
     (through a window that isn't there)

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__burn our wings


__a vale of desolation


__what is behind that curtain








The work '143 folds' was made site-specific for the arthouse 019 in Ghent, made on 27-28.07.2018.


It consists of a cyanotype of 4,5x7m made by making 143 folds on the roof of the location for 2 hours long using the sun to change the color of the fabric into a deep blue. The cyanotype was made by accident and the discontrol of creating a composition.


The lightment proces was fixed by washing it in the river next to the building. After this the wet fabric was pulled up the flag pole to dry.


I would like to thanks Bieke Criel, Michiel De Cleene, Koba De Meuter, Nele Dieleman and Valentijn Goethals for supporting this process.

'143 folds', 2018, cyanotype on cotton, 450 x 700 cm