__143 folds


__never, nowhere


__hits of sunshine


__burn our wings


__etudes autrales


__portrait memory


__undecided photographs




__black body ()

___seeing a rainbow
     (through a window that isn't there)

__(selected images)



__a vale of desolation


__what is behind that curtain








 'a vale of desolation, thunderplate' 1, 0,2mm copper, wood 60x100cm, 2016

thunderplate 1

black silkscreenprint on copper (0,2mm)
60x100cm (painted with soy sauce / salt / vinegar)

thunderplate 2-3

black silkscreenprint on brass (0,3mm)
(2)  30x100cm (oxidated)

activation by Jakob Warmenbol, string, drum, floortom