No road to Hotel Bellevue No road to Hotel Bellevue

This web page functions as a supplement to the exhibition 'No road to Hotel Bellevue' at DMW Gallery from 15 October until 21 November 02020. It's a soil that collects and compiles an ongoing archive of links to knowledge, care, philosophy, imagery and future thoughts.


last updated: 10.08.02020


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website, timber, animism, ecology


book, Meditations on environmental change and the necessity of a pact between Earth and its inhabitants


podcast, learning from the apocalypse


instagram, digital climate club, facts


article, study, predators, human species,



song, toward resilience, climate emergency


map, data, tools for monitoring forests


documentary, protecting future ancestors


video, maximum resilience, ecosystem


video, friends talking, becoming indigenous


archive, Flemish government


television-item, attack, murder


article, future, arts, ecology, utopian


book, resistance, seeds and trees


website, ecological grief


article, deforestation, virus, pandemics



article, deforestation,



article, local, global, harbour


article, good sentence


account, climate tweets


video, bringing health and prosperity


list, world wild life


interview, ecofeminism, nonhuman critters


story, non-human vs human


Graphical representation of the global biomass distribution, research by Yinon M. Bar-On & Rob Phillips


Edited by Paul G. Falkowski, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ, and approved April 13, 2018

Found image, context lost

Wolfs in Belgium © INBO/ANB

Murder attempt on 113 oaks in Liereman, Oud-Turnhout (Belgium) © Dries Segers