responding rain


   a circle, a line, a cross


   when the fire and the rock


   143 folds


   never, nowhere


   hits of sunshine


   burn our wings


   etudes autrales


   portrait memory


   undecided photographs




   black body ()

   seeing a rainbow


   a vale of desolation


   what is behind that curtain





   seeing a rainbow


   fungi (coming)


°1990, Turnhout

living and working in Brussels, Belgium


studio:Level 5

Paul Devauxstraat 3

1000 Brussels

BE: 0671.680.062



info@driessegers.com               represented by DMW artspace





Exhibitions (selection)


(coming) 2019            groupshow Subsidiary Projects, London (UK)

(coming) 2019            Belgian Night, Les Rencontres de la photographie d'Arles (FR)

(coming) 2019            Portfolio Days, Centre National de l’Audiovisuel (CNA), Dudelange, Luxembourg (LUX)


2019            'No Rain, No Stones', duoshow w/ Stephanie Roland, curated by Marie Papazoglou, Pinguinspace Brussels (B)

2019            'Capital of Woke', POPPOSITIONS, critical artfair, Brussels (B)

2019            solo l 'when the fire and the rock', Hopstreet gallery, Window #18, Brussels (B)

2019            solo l 'a circle, a line, a cross', cc Hasselt (B)

2019            'Festival van de Controle', cc Hasselt w/ Francis Alyïs, Kendell Geers, Ariane Loze, Ruben Bellinckx,...


2018            public intervention in Paris '42x60' curated by Carole Chichet & Malvina Silberman, Paris (FR)

2018            groupshow 'Open Content' The Weekend Room, Seoul (KOR)

2018            '1+1+1=3', DMW artspace, Antwerp (B) w/ Denitsa Todorova and Caroline Van den Eynde

2018             solo l 'black body / etudes australes', Concertgebouw Brugge (B)

2018             SUNDAYS; 019, Ghent w/ Martin Belou, Kåre Leander Ringling Frang, Paul Barsh, Chantal Van Rijt, Santiago Taccetti,...

2018             ‘Het Gouden Paviljoen’, de Warande, Turnhout (B)
                    w/ Berlinde De Bruyckere, Daisuke Yokota, Marco Tirelli, Geert Goiris, Ori Gherst, Edith Dekyndt,...
2018             social-project presentation in the hospitals of Turnhout - Art integration 'blijde gedachten'

2018             solo l 'helios', galerie Hangar Brussels (B)

2018             'to take leave', duoshow w/ Bram De Jonghe, DMW - artspace, Antwerp (B)


2017           'Brugge Foto', at Bogardenkapel w/ Michel Mazzoni, Julie Van der Vaart, Jeroen De Wandel,...

2017            ‘Fabulous Failures’, curated by Erik Kessels, Musée Botanique, Brussels

                   w/ Ruth van Beek, Matt Stuart, Sarah Carlier, Helmut Smits,...

2017            Fusée de la Motographie by Recyclart (Le Bal, FR), (C/O, Berlin), (PL), ...

2017            5 jaar .tiff, FOMU, Rivierenhof Antwerp (B)

2017            solo l ‘hits of sunshine’, galerie Botanique, Brussels (B)

2017            solo l ‘what is behind that curtain’, CC Merksem (B)


2016            BRAAKLAND, Fotomuseum Antwerpen

2016            .temp, duo show w/ Matthias Ysebaert, Tique l art space

2016            Turkish Photography Festival, Fotoğraf Vakfı Foundation, Istanbul (TR)

2016            Antwerp Art Weekend, DE Studio, represented by de Warande & Frans Masereel Centrum
                   w/ Anton Cotteleer, Koba de Meutter, Hannelore Van Dijck, Arpaïs Du Bois,...

2016            A Reading Room, La Houle at Poppositions Brussels

2016            TIG4, KERKGENT, w/ Ash Bowland, Michiel De Cleene, Lydia Debeer,...

2016            ‘ON ICE’ CAMPO + NEIN, Gent w/ Gerard Herman, Kasper De Vos, Willem Boel,...


2015            solo l ‘Seeing a rainbow(...)’, Tique l art space, Antwerp

2015            solo l ‘Seeing a rainbow(...)’, Gouvernement, Gent

2015            ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy - Part Photography’ curated by stilll gallery

                    w/ Jan Kempenaers, Emmeline de Mooij, Ria Pacquée, Katrin Kamrau,...

2015            ‘Is it a painting’ Tique - artspace (Antwerp) w/ Manor Grunwald, Ruth Van Beek,...

2015            .tiff, Unseen Festival Program, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)

2015            Ithaka, Leuven, KU Leuven w/ Vesna Faassen & Lukas Verdijk, Ritsart Gobyn,...


2014            ‘A Process’, Der Greif, Neue Galerie in Höhmannhaus Augsburg (D)

2014            ‘Dear Image, why are you so jaded?’ w/ Jan De Cock, Ash Bowland & Dennis Van Mol

                    Vlaamsesteenweg (Denkmal 37) Brussels

2014            ‘Duo’s - de Modernen’ KMSKA, Koningin Fabioalazaal Antwerp

                    w/ Jef Verheyen, Jan Cox, Vaast Colson, Jef Geys, Fontana,...

2012            ‘no°1’, Ash Bowland & Dries Segers, Recyclart, Brussels

2011            ‘Listahaskoli’, Reykjavik, Iceland (IS)

2008            ‘Canvascollectie’, BOZAR, Brussels

                    w/ Koen van den Broek, Michèle Matyn, Nicolas Provost, Ricardo Brey, Charif Benhelima,...





2013            Master Visual Arts, Sint-Lukas Hogeshool Brussels (B)

2011            Bachelor Visual Arts, Photography department; Sint-Lukas Hogeshool Brussels (B)

2010            Bachelor Fine Arts, Listahaskoli Islands; Reykjavik/Iceland (IS)



Publications (selection)



2019            'fungi', Dries Segers, self-published
                    28,2 x 42cm, 200 copies, ISBN: 9789463883092

2019            'new skin/levitations', Hannah De Meyer with a photo-essay by Dries Segers

2018            'S&D#024 / APE#117: Sabotage and Complicity'; Published by APE (Art Paper Editions) & Smoke & Dust

2018            'IMA Magazine' vol. 24, selected as 'The Young Photographers of the Next Generation' (JP)

2018            'ART1ST', as part of 1granary magazine (UK)
2018            'Contact', Maarten Inghels, de Bezige Bij, ISBN: 9789023454779

2017            ‘End to End / Performing Objects', Kristof Van Gestel

2016            ‘Six Questions’, Tique l art paper ISSN: 2468-0907

2015            'uncovered' Daklozenkrant / social project, Newspaper to homeless as founder/editor
                    w/ Pierre & Maarten Mertens

2015            ‘Seeing a rainbow (through a window that isn’t there)’, Dries Segers, De Warande

                    20 × 27,5 cm, paperback, 350 copies, ISBN: 9789090289571

2015            '.TIFF MAGAZINE', FOMU Antwerp, ISBN: 9789066251854

2015            Phases magazine 28/15

2014            ‘Cunning Surroundings’, Kasper Bosmans & Dries Segers, Heilig Graf Turnhout / Anastasis

2008            ‘De Canvascollectie’, Lannoo, ISBN: 9789020978629





2019            Fellowship of the Flemish Government

2017            Isola Comacina (Italy), supported by the Flemish Government

2016            Frans Masereel Centrum, Kasterlee (sept - oct)

2016            Frans Masereel Centrum, Kasterlee (april) on invitation

2013 - 2014  Artist in Residence, De Warande, Turnhout



Lectures (selection)


2018            Open Academy, 'Resistance', Centrale For Contemporary Art Brussels

2018            Lecture 'De Donkere Kamer' w/ Stephan Vanfleteren, Teju Cole and Filip Dujardin

2018            Lecture Department Photography LUCA Brussels

2017            Lecture Shoot Amsterdam, Pakhuis de Zwijger Amsterdam

2015            EXTRA FORT presenation with Christian Vum, Recyclart Brussels

2015            Tiff-talks, Fotomuseum Antwerp




During 2019 I am granted a fellowship by the Flemish Government