Kelvin, 2015

framed, 16 seperate baryt-prints




__143 folds


__never, nowhere


__hits of sunshine


__burn our wings


__etudes autrales


__portrait memory


__undecided photographs




__black body ()

___seeing a rainbow
     (through a window that isn't there)

__(selected images)



__a vale of desolation


__what is behind that curtain








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The work (kelvin) came on to me by driving my bike through a tunnel. From one exact spot i saw lightning falling on to the walls of this transitzone.


By photographing these artificial lights (1700K - 3200K) with an analogue daylight film (5000K - 6500K). The technique of photography was used to construct an image only making itself visible by chemistry and physics. The available light was in constant flux.


The (daylight) film didn’t know how to react on this lighting and chose its own color. My scanner also didn’t know how to handle these images and created a next step into the process. It also added dust to the images. All these steps where in the hands of the medium itself. I was not able to influence this process.