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undecided photograph 08, 2015

undecided photograph 07, 2015

‘Undecided Photographs’ are images without

any consciousness on the creation of the

photograph. Are these even photographs?

By accidents and clumsiness these imagery

came on my colornegative through the

back of the camera without any control or

decision. Yet they are build up by the three

key elements of photography: light, space and



I only made the decision to use it as relevant.

The scanner included dust, color, frame,... .

The works are produced in hard plexi. Made

out of one piece. All the sides of the plexi are



These pictures have no anecdotes, neither

they have stories or memories. But most

important ‘Undecided Photographs’ is missing

the core of the medium photography,

namely the selective gaze/view of an author.



30x50x3cm lambdaprint

mounted in hand-cranked plexi

undecided photograph 09, 2015

undecided photograph 06, 2013

undecided photograph 05, 2014

undecided photograph 04, 2013

undecided photograph 01, 2012

undecided photograph 02, 2012

undecided photograph 03, 2012

'Is it a painting?', Tique l art space, 2015; Dries Segers, undecided photographs 05, 06, 02

installation view 'The Gods Must Be Crazy - Part Photography'

left: Ria Pacquée, Pleroma / right: Dries Segers, undecided photographs 07, 09, 08