To make a circle, a line, a cross I built a “camera” to only catch light and movement trough cut out forms. While the lights (in a room or environment) evoke a certain choreography, i move through the space to capture these lightning and color-temperature.

I maniputated the transportsystem into a new camera that is able to create a capture forms onto the whole length of the film. During the process of exposure I’m blind for the result. Light is trying to penetrate inside the system and hits the film during the movement of the mechanical transportsystem and the body of the photographer. This system is conducted manually, nothing is automatic or reproductive.

a circle, a line, a cross           CC Hasselt, Belgium

Residency Woning Van Wassenhove, Museum Dhondt - Dhaenens, 2019

Line (red), 2019, 60x641cm, Glossy Lambda C-print
Cross, 2019, 60x645cm, Glossy Lambda C-print
Circle, 2019, 60x720cm, Glossy Lambda C-print

Choreography at Woning Van Wassenhove, Juliaan Lampens, 2019, unprinted, no scale defined 

Woning Van Wassenhove, © Juliaan Lampens
Residency Dries Segers, Museum Dhondt - Dhaenens