By its nature photography is an abstracting art, involving a gap between what is seen and what is shown, regardless of the level of documentary fidelity. black body () expands the idea of photography as a transmutation of energy directly onto the celluloid. The images appear to be purely the record of a photochemical process, evidence of an action of emulsion and light itself.

By creating lens less images the emphasis of photography shifts away from its signifying function. It examines the material as an imaginative basis for a photographic experience. The use of the apparatus is shifted by the use of tools (a saw, an angle grinder and a drill) which made cuts inside film-rolls. By enlightening the emulsion with different colour temperatures and light-sources an image generates itself onto the light-sensitive celluloid. These abstract photographs may record or register but do not bear witness except to the presentness of light.

Black Body ()
Concertgebouw Brugge           Bruges, 2018

Tique Art Space           Antwerp, 2016

slideshowprojection + prints on reflective metals

Ask your hands to know the things they hold ︎