Blue Waters are cotton cyanotypes, which are folded in the sun over a certain period of time. Each new fold covers and hides a part of the bigger picture. The one who folds only sees the surface, the maker is never able to see it as a whole.

After the exposure, the cloth is washed in the water and dried in the wind using the earltly elements. The image only appears when the exposure process is stopped by the development and there is no turning back. 
CAMERA, Centrul des Intres           Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2019

1+1+1=3          DMW Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium, 2018

Beyond Printed Matter           Willem Twee, ‘s Hertogenbosh, 2022

Cyanotypes on unbleached cotton, wooden sticks or magnets, variable sizes, 2018-2019

72 folds, 2019, cyanotype on unbleached cotton, 150x196cm
241 minutes, 2018, cyanotype on unbleached cotton, wooden sticks, 150x225cm
64 folds, 2019, cyanotype on unbleached cotton, 150x226cm

Ask your hands to know the things they hold ︎