Hits of Sunshine is balanced between factuality and illusion. A connection arises between science (physics, chemicals), the camera (optics, time) and absence of observation (gaze). All these elements generate photographs which are not based on a reality but are born in their own matter.

Hits of Sunshine             Galerie Botanique, Brussels, 2017

atmospheric render (blue & pink), 2017, 68x95cm, digital inkjet print mounted on dibond, metal frame

(left) portrait (sun pressure), 2017, 40x50 cm, inkjet print on japanese paper, wooden frame

(left) hands (sun pressure), 2017, 50x60cm, inkjet print, wooden frame

(blue works on the left) sunwriting, 2017, 76x110cm, digital inkjet print mounted on dibond, metal frame

instead of you seeing the light
here light sees you

and frees
the focus of the lonely, solid sun
from complacent eyes shrouded in clouds
of their own device

fractions of captured light
sculptors of broken time

with calculated strokes of luck
one layer of sunshine
eats away the flesh of another
the trial and error of falling together

in both the moment modelling the surface
and the continuous interaction of duration
burn the cracks that fulfil the drill of memory

from behind mirrored walls
hands scrutinize in wonder
like a blind man bathing
in the burning tide

his eyes of glass, egg-white and storm
crystallize with every wave of foam

poem by
Philippe François
Ask your hands to know the things they hold ︎