It is a small photobook and a (fabulated) dictionary combined. A vocabulary centered around border trees, Celtic historical facts and visual speculation. This book is a manifesto for love, anger, the non-human, a wish to connect, to suggest, and to study.
Hotel Bellevue           Pocket book
168 pages, 18 x 11 cm
Design: Chloé D’hauwe & Ine Meganck
Language: English + Dutch
ISBN 9789464337600
In this book the focus is on the visual and verbal lexicon shaping the project Hotel Bellevue. Not intended as a truth but as a suggestion, it chronicles encounters between images, words, structures, and life forms, the speculative result of observations and processed information.

(B) Rile*, Copyright Bookshop, FOMU, Tipi Bookshop, (UK) Well Projects, Photographers’ Gallery Bookshop, (D) (A) Museum Hundertwasserhaus  -  other tba

Ask your hands to know the things they hold ︎