Observations is an ongoing series of works that go along different projects and ideas. It is not intented as a project on its own, more as a category in the work to adresss specific conditions, as light, life-forms, processes and agencies.

“Observation is not the same as objectivity, you can not have science or art without observation but to observe the world doen't mean you objectify that world. To observe it is to correspond, to watch, to listen, and to respond in kind. To respond through participation in the world, not seperating ourselves from it. That's why there is no contradiction towards observation and participation. Defining it as a contradiction lies at the heart of our sense of our own humanity, built in the notion of humans as homo sapiens, namely that we can only know the world by a kind of emancipation, that leaves us strangers to ourselves. That devides us from ourselves so we can see ourselves almost as objects, an anthropological machine. Being is not the same as knowing.” - Tim Ingold

Observations, different materials, sizes and framing

Contactprint (apple), 2023, monochrome Lambda C-print, double 22x33cm, Edition of 2 + 1 A.P. 

When the fire and the rock and the sea are one, 2019, triptych of archival baryt print in customised wooden frame, 60 x 180 x 3 cm, unique edition, Hopstreet Gallery, Brusssels

This work is made by setting up a tripod in front of a enormous rock in complete darkness. The shutter of the camera was opened while flashes were hit to create an image of the rock in fragments of light. This process was repeated 3 times without moving the tripod, creating 3 different views on this big piece of rock.

It takes a lot of voices to create a song of us, Dries Segers, 2022, 20x29cm, UV print on dibond, metal frame, Edition of 4
One tree tries to be many.

Battery, 2022, Silver silkscreen on ultra black paper, custom made oak frame with symbols, 38.5 × 25 x 3 cm, Edition of 3

Ask your hands to know the things they hold ︎