This is an incomplete seed list, stuff i encounter at this moment or have processed in the past. If you have an advise of something you think I should know, avoid, listen, read, smell, someone to talk to,... give me a shout on

        CRISTOBAL LEON & JOACQUIN COCINA, The Bones, 1901, 14min

    CELINE BAUMANN, Queer Nature, Podcast Camden Art Audio

    JESSICA SARAH RINLAND, Black Pond, 2018, 42’

    L. BANCHINI, L. FEIREISS, L. KAHN, Shelter Cookbook, 2021

    DIANA TOUCEDO, Camille & Ulysse, 2021, 46min (starring Haraway D.J. & Despret V.) 

(Ed.) ANNA LOWENHAUPT TSING, NILS BUBANDT, ELAINE GAN, HEATHER ANNE SWANSON, Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet: Ghosts and Monsters of the Anthropocene, 2017

    FORMAFANTASMA, 2020, Cambio, Serpentine Galleries and Koënig Books

    PAULINE ANNA STROM, Angel Tears in Sunlight, released on Vinyl February 19, 2021

    BRAND STEWART, Whole Earth Catalog: acces to tools, Fall 1968

    JAMES HENNESSEY, VICTOR J. PAPANEK, Nomadic Furniture 1+2, 1973, Panteon Books

    ROBERT MACFARLANE, Underworld: A Deep Time, 2020, Journey Paperback

    NAN SCHEPHARD, The Living Mountain, 1977

    Documentary Futures: New Ecologies, Science and Aesthetics, Conference 10th June

    HAYAO MIYAZAKI, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, (The Star Princess)

I use the word seeds and not the word sources. Because seeds are something where anything can sprout out of. A seeds starts a process, can become a plant, grow new seeds. It is circular. Sources are things you just take without giving something in return. Our western world is filled with stories like this. Whithout being aware we are learned to find it normal anyone is able to claim natural or human recourses for themselves without knowledge, exhange or care. 

Ask your hands to know the things they hold ︎